Assorted Newspaper Articles


Assorted Articles

1980-08-26 Radio 2KY - Tributo a Mamma lena.pdf  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
1994 - The Golden Heart of Australia 1994 Victor Chang Research Institute.pdf - (Click HERE) View PDF File
1995-February - Australian Catholics - Lena's people  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
1998-06-02 - Copy of Premier speech from John Aquilina.pdf  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
Dino Gustin Proverbii - Proverbs.pdf  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
Foto Mamma lena con bimbi di scuola.pdf  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
La Fiamma - Michael Cantali per il seggio di Drummoyne.pdf  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
2000 Australia Post We've put your stamp on it - Celebrating 2000.pdf  - (Click HERE) View PDF File

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Miss Italian Charity Queen 1983-84  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
La Dolce Vita (Brochure)  - (Click HERE) View PDF File
La Dolce Vita (Flyer) - (Click HERE) View PDF File March/July 1995
Mamma Lena Child Care Centre - (Click HERE) View PDF File 1999
The Small Museum Of italians In Australia- (Click HERE)
View PDF File 1988
The Best Of Mamma Lena  (Click HERE)
Carosello Di Bellezze 1983-84  - (Click HERE)
Child Care Centre 20th Anniversary 1984-2004 (Click HERE) View PDF File 1988
Programma Ricordo-11 Luglio 2004
(Click HERE) View PDF File 1988
Sorella Radio 1963-1984-1994
(Click HERE) View PDF File 1988
Bergamo Terra DI Arlecchino
(Click HERE) View PDF File
Multinational Mini-Festiva; Kidsyear 79
(Click HERE) View PDF File
Petition - Petizione / September 1990  - (Click HERE)


1988-04-18 Philip Rudock.pdf (Click HERE)
1988-04-19 Janice Crosio.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-04-19 Philip Rudock.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-04-21 Carla Zampati.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-04-22 Janice Crosio.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-04-22 Sandra Nori.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-04-26 Michael Baume.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-04-27 Michael MacKellar.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-04-28 Andrew Tink.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-05-02 Michael Photios.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-05-17 Janice Crosio.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-05-26 Tony Lamarra.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-05-26 W M Horton.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-06-05 Telegram.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-06-24 Nick Greiner.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-06-28 Tony Lamarra Goulburn.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-07-04 Villa Italia.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-07-15 - Arkell.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-07-26 Tony Lamarra to Bob Hawke 2.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-07-26 Tony Lamarra to Bob Hawke.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-08-29 Al Grasby.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-08-29 Al Grasby.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-09-05 Telegram.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-09-06 Letter from J L Hawke PM.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-09-15 Presidente della Republica.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988-10-08-10 Letter from Guido Scalici.pdf  (Click HERE)
1988--11-20 Fairfield Council Maria Heggie.pdf  (Click HERE)
1989-07-27 Letter Lena Payne.pdf  (Click HERE)
1989-11-08 Letter from Alan Cadman.pdf  (Click HERE)
1989-2-11 Ministero degli Affari Esteri.pdf  (Click HERE)
1990-04-04 letter from Friel.pdf  (Click HERE)
1990-11-21 Letter from Vittorio Brunetti.pdf  (Click HERE)
1990-09-30- Susan Jennison.pdf  (Click HERE)
1992-008-07 The University of Western Australia.pdf -  (Click HERE)
1993-05-11 Floriano Volpato.pdf  (Click HERE)

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