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Ambito Traguardo

Festeggiato il '89esimo compleanno con un sontuoso pranzo presenti oltre 300 ospiti.

Apian Member Of The Month

There can scarcely be an Italian in all Australia who does not know the name Lena Gustin either as a journalist, broadcaster or social worker. Her long-establsned 2CH radio programme "Arrivederci Roma" has a large, regular and increasing audience.


Archives of Mamma Lena & Dino Gustin
Board Of Directors The Mamma Lena & Dino Gustin Foundation Board Of Directors
Carosello Di Bellezze Famous "Arrivederci Roma Beauty Contest"
Competitions Archive of the many competions staged by Mamma Lena & Dino Gustin
CONTACTS This is the page which shows details on contacting the Mamma Lena Foundation.
CURRICULUM VITAE A resume of Honours received and list of achievements.
EXTRAS Odds & Ends  - Bits & Pieces - Here & There
FESTIVAL IN CASA The famous "festival" which gave the opportunity to many aspiring artists to show their talents. A truly memorable event.
HIT PARADE A page where the artists  and songs featured in Mamma Lena's radio programmes are revisited. featured for those of you who yearn for those nostalgic times.
Il Salotto Di Lena Popular newspaper articles written by Mamma Lena.
In Loving Memory A memorial card which was sent and distributed to the many people who expressed their condolences.
Langolo Di Annamaria Popular newspaper articles written by Mamma Lena.
Linchiostro Simpatico Popular newspaper articles written by Mamma Lena.
LINKS This page  links to many other websites which cover items concerning  Mamma Lena and includes links to government archives.
Lowe election campaign A complete archive of Mamma Lena and Dino Gustin's Lowe Election Campaign.
Mama To All A lifetime of helping others has meant a retirement of tributes for one of Bankstown's best known migrants, Mama Lena.
MAMMA LENA CHILD CENTRE A complete coverage of the Mamma Lena Child Centre from it's inception to the present day.
MUSIC Music played by Mamma Lena during her long presence on the air waves featuring  those  nostalgic tunes which mean very special things to many people,
Newspaper Articles Newspaper articles from amny different sources.
PERSONALITIES A huge selection of personalities who were part of Mamma Lena's life.
Petitions Petition to have Italian taught in schools - Mamma Lena & the APIA Club Ladies Committee.
PHOTO GALLERY A huge collection of photos which can be viewed here on this website or downloaded to your PC.
POETRY Concorso Poesie 2004 is available for viewing or as a download toy your PC.
Radio Broadcasts A nostalgic collection of prgrammes broadcast by Mamma Lena.
RICORDI DI LENA A list of all the items found on "Ricordando Mamma Lena" CD - Each item can be heard from this website or downloaded to your PC.
THE  SHOP Here you can purchase many items to quench "that nostalgic thirst" and at the same time help the Mamma Lena Foundation Inc.
TABLE OF CONTENTS This is where you are now.
The Best Of Mamma Lena A list of personalities & items of interest of Mamma Lena's activities,
THE STORY From the book of the same name - includes a digital (electronic) book which can be viewed from this website or downloaded for viewing on your PC.
TRIBUTO A MAMMA LENA Radio Programs - Interviews - Songs - Poems & Testimonials - All the items are in audio format. Each item can be heard from this website or downloaded to your PC.
70 ANNI DI RICORDI IN DUE MONDI 70 Anni Di Ricordi In Due Mondi outlines  Dino and Lena Gustin's 70 years of activities in Italy & Australia. - The book has been digitally processed and can be viewed from this website or downloaded to your PC.
ETHNIC RADIO A complete archive of the movement within the Italian community especcially from Dino & Lena Gustin to have foreign language radio broadcast  in Australia which led to the establishment of SBS.

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