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Through many years as resident Band Leader\Musical Director at Club Marconi, I came to know the Gustin's very well, Dino & Mamma Lena had many functions at Club Marconi and were often assisted by their daughter Rosalba. Many accolades about Dino & Lena have been written and expressed by people more important and eloquent than myself, however I wish to express my appreciation for what the Gustin's did in regards to promoting Italo-Australians artists and in particular those who lived in Sydney.

Apart from participating in the "Festival in Casa" competition where my band 'Tempo 7' backed the singer Rina Bortone, I did not seek to receive any special favours from the Gustin's, because I had been already blessed with the opportunity to work so many years at Club Marconi. But I was pleased to assist the Gustins whenever I was asked. I am pleased to feel that I may not have been there in the early years but I am proud and honoured to have been involved with them and their daughter Rosalba in  their twilight years. I am proud to have been chosen by the Mamma Lena Foundation Inc.to construct this website with the view of ultimately archiving every possible item covering their 70 years of memories.

Having been more an observer of their activities than a participant, I feel that in contributing to this project I believe that I sense a warm glow of appreciation from Dino & Lena and in particular from Dino who was a prolific archiver and who would no doubt approve.

Dino was himself an innovator. What the computers and internet are to us today, the latest state of the art equipment of his day such as receiving via short wave programmes from Italy, tape recorders, teleprinters etc. Dino was using then and was at the forefront of technology of his time.

Enzo Giribaldi - 2006

Enzo and his band accompanying the singer Rina Bortone during one of the many functions held at Club Marconi by Dino & Lena.

In this instance it was a broadcast of
'Arrivederci Roma' by 2CH.

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Giribaldi Family Crest

Dino - Rosalba & Lena Gustin visiting Enzo & Edelvais at their home. 2003


The First Trio
Claude Zadro - Ezio Befiglio
Enzo Giribaldi

Ezio Befiglio -Stefano Mazza - Enzo Giribaldi - Angelo Testa - Nino Catalani
Picni Club Marconi circa 1968

Enzo Giribaldi - George Alexiadis - Joe Sciotto
Gabriele Annetta - Guido Rebecchi -Club Marconi circa 1969


Enzo Giribaldi - 1964

Enzo Giribaldi's Orchestra Tempo 7 - TV (Channel 9) appearence
and winners of Terry Dear's New Faces - Circa 1972

Enzo Giribaldi - 2006


Enzo and fiance Edelvais De Angelis circa 1966

Enzo and wife Edelvais
on wedding day 29/11/1970

Enzo and wife Edelvais
Felice & Lola Giribaldi - Enzo & Edelvais - Maria & Leonardo DeAngelis



The Daughters - Silvana - Corina & Elsa

Edelvais & Enzo with one of the Australian 'MO' Award
for Best Band Category.
 (Nominated 6 times - won twice!)


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