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Front: left to right
Rose Cantali, Amelia Capogna, Ivana Smaniotto and Rosalba Gustin
Back: left to right
John Orlando, Joe Buda and Peter Campbell



B.A. Dip Teach M.Ed MAPS - Child and Adolescent Psychologyst. - Director on the NSW Board of Studies.
State Executive NSW Parent Council.
State Executive of Australia Psychological Society - Sydney branch.
Board member of the Mamma Lena Child Care Centre. - Board member of the Mamma Lena & Dino Gustin Foundation.
Director of Psychmatter Assesment and Therapy Centre. - Guest lecturer of Western Sydney School of Psychology.
Consultant to ADRA for Getting Connected Project. - Connecting Children & Adolescents to school. Phd candidate  research into Connectedness in Adoloscent.
School Counsellor NSW Dept. of Education & Training

Secretary and Public Officer of the Mamma Lena Foundation Inc.
Mamma Lena and Dino Gustinís daughter, Rosalba, together with the Board of the Mamma Lena Foundation is ensuring that her parentís legacy of charitable and educational activities continues in their name for generations to come.
A successful business woman, Rosalba lived and worked in Asia for over 20 years and returned to Australia in late 1996 to care for her ailing parents. Upon Mamma Lena and Dinoís death, Rosalba has had the mountainous task of cataloguing and sorting through her parentís enormous collections of papers, photos and letters to ensure their delivery to the webmaster for inclusion on this webstite. Rosalba is also working with the State Library of NSW and various museums to ensure that her parentís precious memorabilia is safely archived.

Member of the Board of the Mamma Lena Foundation
Peter has a background in the fields of both Advertising & Marketing in each of Australia, Asia and Canada. As a corporate executive he headed multinational companies in each of Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong before establishing his own marketing consultancy and trading company in Hong Kong in the late 1980ís.



1993/1997/2000 Small Business Award winner - Outstanding Local Real Estate Agent.
2007 Fairfield City Council Safety Committee Member. Executive committee member of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce. Full time Investor & Developer - Vice President & Treasurer of the Mamma Lena Childcare Centre - Fairfield NSW - 0416 220 055

Born in Rome (Italy) 23/12/1936 - Arrived in Sydney December 1969. In March 1970 met Mamma Lena and immediately formed a great friendship and since then followed and helped to implement Mamma Lena's great deeds. In 1992 became a part of the Child Centre and the founding of the Mamma Lena & Dino Gustin Foundation.

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Joseph Anthony Buda (OAM) Solicitor, Cabramatta New South Wales, 9727-5511. Has been a member of the board since 1995, he is president of the childcare centre and vice president of the Mamma Lena  & Dino Gustin Foundation. He has seen the childcare centre develop from a negative growth to a positive growth and is an instigator of the foundation and its objectives and ideals.


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