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VOL. II - No. 5

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  There can scarcely be an Italian in all Australia who does not know the name Lena Gustin either as a journalist, broadcaster or social worker. Her long-establsned 2CH radio programme "Arrivederci Roma" has a large, regular and increasing audience.
Mrs. (Gustin was born in Bergamo near Milan, and before migrating to Australia with her husband Dino in ' 1956, had peen a teacher. She holds a Teaching Diploma and has a language degree in Spanish from Venlce University.

Alter only six months in Australia she started a column in La Fiamma which dealt specifically with the problems of migrants. Such was the response that the column was eventually expanded to three pages and was to continue for a decade. During this early period Mrs. Gustin taught Italian and French at the Ashfieid Evening College while by day she worked as a waitress for 18 months - her only means of learning English.

Prior to her long-term engagement with 2CH she broadcast "The Italian Hour" for 2SM where she concentrated on 'in depth' interviews with migrants who were facing serious social problems. She also edited Settegiorni, an Italian newspaper for a year.

In 1967 the Italian Government awarded Mrs. Gustin the Croce di Cavaliere for her dedicated work with migrants. The following year she was again honoured by H.M. The Queen when she received an M.B.E. Mrs. Gustin is the only woman in Australia to hold both honours.
The Gustins have a daughter, Rosalba, 26, an advertising executive and honours graduate, and a son, Roberto, 25, an engineering student who interrupted his studies to compile the first city map of Bankok.

Mrs. Gustin is President of "Sorella Radio", Vice-President of CO.AS.IT. and a past President of A.N.F.E.

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