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VITA DI MAMMA LENA: Presented by the Italian Radio Program "Incontri" organized by the Messaggero di S, Anionio di Padova
NICOLA CERRONE: International Award Winning Jeweller
Hon JANICE CROSIO: Federal Member for Prospect
Hon ALEXANDER DOWNER: Foreign Affairs Minister
AMELIA CAPOGNA: V. President "Mamma Lena Child Care Centre
MAMMA LENA - First sung at the Marconi Club in 1965.
EFREM BONACCINA: President ITSOWEL, Wollongong
VICKY FONTANA OAM: Executive President Mamnia Lena Child Care Centre
LORRAINE VAGLI: Director of the "Mamma Lena Child Care Centre"
ENOE DI STEFANO ORE: Writer and Poet
POEM: "To Mamma Lena" by Enoe di Stefano
ADAMO: Italian Stylist and Tailor
Cav. BRUNO TAVA: Italian Jeweller
Mrs. TINA WATSON: Volontary assistant with CO.AS.IT for 30yrs
Radio interview by DOMENICO VOZZO with PETER CIANI
MARIO MURA: Secretary of the Lena Child Care Centre"
ROSIE CANTALI: High School teacher
Dr. M. RUMORE: Bankstown Chemist
Fr. SILVIO SPIGHI: Capuccini priest
NICK SCALI President NSW Italian Chamber of Commerce
MAMMA BELLA  - Song by Aldo Balducci
TERESA MONZO - President of the group "La Famiglia" of Blacktown
MICHAEL CANTALI - Engineer and Politician
HON. CON SCIACCA -  Federal Shadow Deputy Minister for Immigration


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