The LOWE By-Election (March 13 1982)


Lowe By-Election

1982_3_10 The Sun She can turn Lowe.pdf (Click HERE)
1 Flyer.pdf (Click HERE)
2 Flyer.pdf (Click HERE)
3 How to vote flyer.pdf (Click HERE)
4 Letter to voters flyer.pdf (Click HERE)
1981_2_24 The Glebe.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_15 Gente D'Italia.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_18 La Fiamma Le notizie.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_18 Settegiorni.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_19 Tutto Sport press.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_22 La Fiamma Su e giu per Sydney.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_24 The Glebe.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_25 Settegiorni Gustin M 2.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_25 Settegiorni.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_4 Settegiorni.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_2_5 Telegraph.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_1 Gente D'Italia Gustin M 1.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_1 The Glebe.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_10 The Sun 1.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_10 The Sun 2.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_10 The Sun Frazers big test.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_10 The Sun She can turn Lowe.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_11 La Fiamma.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_11 Settegiorni Votate 1.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_11 Settegiorni Votate cosi 1.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_12 Greek Paper.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_14 The Sun Herald.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_19 Tutto Sport press.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_2 Australien (German).pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_2 El Espanol 1.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_2 El Espanol 2.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_2 The Maltese Herald (Maltese) 1.pdf(Click HERE)
1982_3_2 The Maltese Herald (Maltese) 2.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_25 Settegiorni.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_3 The Glebe.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_30 La Fiamma.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_4 Settegiorni Gustin M 1.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_4 Settegiorni.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_5 Greek.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_5 Yougoslav.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_8 Gente D'Italia Gustin M 2.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_8 Il Globo Mettete un Cuore.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_8 Il Globo.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_8 La Fiamma Vote 1 A Lowe.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_9 Arabic Paper.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_9 Correio Portugues.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_3_9 El Espanol.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_4_1 Settegiorni Le due verita 1.pdf (Click HERE)
1982_4_1 Settegiorni Le due verita 2.pdf (Click HERE)

Lowe By-Election Accounts

Advertising 1982_2_26 Greek Variety (Click HERE)
Binder 1982_3_12.pdf (Click HERE)
Binder 2 1982_3_15.pdf (Click HERE)
Binder 3 1982_3_15.pdf (Click HERE)
Binder 4 1982.pdf (Click HERE)
Binder 5 3-6-1985.pdf (Click HERE)
Document Lowe 1.pdf (Click HERE)
Document Lowe 2.pdf (Click HERE)
Electoral office 1982_3_15 - 2.pdf (Click HERE)
Electoral office 1982_3_5 - 0.pdf (Click HERE)
Electoral office 1982_3_5 - 1.pdf (Click HERE)
Il Globo Thanks Card.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_2_26 Greek Variety (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_10 Krysler.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_2 Correio Portugues.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_2 Die Woche.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_29 Spese Mie.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_3 El Espanol.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_31 Gente.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_9 Correio Portugues.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_9 Die Woche.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_9 El Espanol.pdf (Click HERE)
Invoice 1982_3_9 Maltese Herald.pdf (Click HERE)
Lowe accounts 1.pdf (Click HERE)
Lowe By Election1982 Minute Book.pdf (Click HERE)
Lowe Minutes.pdf (Click HERE)

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